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Analysis of the difference and use of the veneer hot press and other hot press

2018-01-08 04:01:47495

The veneer hot press is a kind of hot press, and it is also important for us to learn and understand. Because it is not only website products and keywords, but also has many applications, so that will be done. Therefore, I hope you can take seriously and carry out it in order to grasp it in time, so that we can achieve knowledge and apply it to our knowledge, and at the same time, we can also benefit from it.

1. what is the difference between the plywood hot press and the face heat press?

Plywood hot press, from a professional point of view, is mainly used in plywood production and is used for hot pressing. Moreover, if the type of plywood is different, then the performance requirements of the hot press are different. In addition, the operation mode of this kind of hot press is two kinds of operation and continuous operation. In the composition, there are three parts of the body, the control drive part and the heating system.

A veneer hot press is divided into a single surface and a double face. Its application is mainly in the furniture factory, and in the two processing of the wood-based panel. And it is mainly used to hot press the veneer, but not for other purposes.

Therefore, to sum up, these two kinds of hot press, still have obvious difference, although all belong to the hot press. Therefore, they can not be confused, and then, there are problems in use.

2. in the production of woodworking board, can the hot press used as a veneer hot press to use?

This problem is not acceptable in the Wuxi Huasheng complete set of machinery and equipment of the veneer hot press manufacturer, because they are two different hot presses, and on the pressure, the former is not able to meet the requirements. In addition, what we need to know is that the higher the tonnage is, the better the veneer effect is.

3. surface heat press, can it be a single or multi layer hot press?

There is no relationship between the veneer hot press and the single-layer or multi-layer hot press, because they are the specific categories of the hot press according to different standards, so that's the conclusion. And on the question one, the answer is yes.